Asteroid Live: Sunday 17th March 2013 (London)

repilianFlierAsteroid return on on Sunday 17th March , with a line-up of drums, guitar and two barritone saxophones we will evoke the recent asteroid strike in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Full details below. [facebook event page]

The Hiberno-Reptillian Society Grand Lodge AGM
17th March 2013
The Basement, 12-18 Hoxton Street, N1 6NG
6pm – midnight

Soma Ansamble
Tom Jacobson
Larry Achampiong
Nastee McQuaid
Plus Guests

Since the disappearance of Mocklainteen O’Hualmhicfidh on Christmas Eve last year, The Hiberno-Reptillians have been revealing themselves in public in a manner not seen since the Great Welsh Funcrusher purged the fairist of faery lands of the shnake and shpud water. Could it be that the most forgiven and forgotten prophecy of the trees of old Hiberniae, that of ‘there shall be moss, a moss of many flavours’, has at last come upon us? Come and join in the meeting of those that would be kings and queens of an age of shcales, shinging, and sherious shhhhape shhhhhhifting; meet the brethren of no nation, and hear the people of the land of sound. The Grand Realness…


Soma Ansamble:
Tom Jacobson:
Larry Achampiong:
Nastee McQuaid;


New release: Black Lines – Live set and remixes

Available now for free download from Electronic Musik is Asteroid’s latest EP, Black Lines.

The release features a live recording from October 2011, of noise, improv and drone. Along side this are two remixes from Noise Research and Guy Harries.

Download the EP here.

Performers for the live set were:



Video: Asteroid live at Raise The Hallows 2011

Asteroid live at Raise The Hallows, Dusk Till Dawn, Archway

This Friday, 28th October, Asteroid will play a special Halloween gig at Raise The Hallows, at a venue called Dusk Till Dawn in Archway, London. Also on  the bill are the amazing, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Ultimate Thrush, and Jussi Brightmore of Gum Takes Tooth. More info on the Facebook page and Drowned in Sound board.
Line-up information etc below:

free noise / sci-fi / psychic minds
Large rocks floating in infinite space; antennae transmissions, alien soundtracks, spacecraft noise and the things from outraspace.
Formed in march 2011 – ASTEROID are a collective of musicians brought together to produce pure improvised sci-fi / free noise, featuring
GRAHAM DUNNING (turntable/objects), JO THOMAS (laptop/effects/mix), KEVIN QUIGLEY (guitar/effects), CHRISTOS FANARAS (analog keyboard/effects), COLIN WEBSTER (baritone saxophone), DAVID O’CONNOR (baritone saxophone)

Recording: Live at OPUSMAGUS

Recording from Asteroid’s set at the opening of OPUSMAGUS at The Art Cafe, Stepney Green, London, on 15th October 2011.

Asteroid Live at OPUSMAGUS

Asteroid have been invited to perform at the opening for OPUSMAGUS, a new exhibition at The Art Cafe in Stepney Green, London. The free event takes place on Saturday 15th October 2011.


KEVIN QUIGLEY // Guitar / electronics
GUY HARRIES // voice / electronics / tapes / objects
GRAHAM DUNNING // turntables / analogue synth

Press release:
ART CAFE presents an evening of Art and extravagant acts and music. The exhibition will feature installations by Nicko Straniero and pieces of bespoke jewellery by Alex Z. 

The artists Guy Harries and Yumi Hara Cawkell + Asteroid (Kevin Quigley and guests) will entertain the audience with a wide range of enthralling music and sounds made with different objects and tools.

Location ART CAFE
237 Mile End Road E1 4AA Stepney Green
London, United Kingdom 

Exhibition runs until 7th November 


Release: Koronis: Asteroid live recording

Asteroid - Koronis

Asteroid – Koronis
1.  243 Ida (28’48”)
2. Dactyl (14’46”)

This release is a live recording of a performance on 16th June 2011 at The Others, Stoke Newington, London. It features two tracks of drone, noise and sci-fi soundscapes. Released through the Open Sound Group netlabel.
JO THOMAS / laptop / electronics / effects
KEVIN QUIGLEY / synth / percussive guitar / effects
GRAHAM DUNNING / turntables / objects / electronics
NABIL AHMED / bass / effects

Click here to download free from