Asteroid live at Raise The Hallows, Dusk Till Dawn, Archway

This Friday, 28th October, Asteroid will play a special Halloween gig at Raise The Hallows, at a venue called Dusk Till Dawn in Archway, London. Also on  the bill are the amazing, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Ultimate Thrush, and Jussi Brightmore of Gum Takes Tooth. More info on the Facebook page and Drowned in Sound board.
Line-up information etc below:

free noise / sci-fi / psychic minds
Large rocks floating in infinite space; antennae transmissions, alien soundtracks, spacecraft noise and the things from outraspace.
Formed in march 2011 – ASTEROID are a collective of musicians brought together to produce pure improvised sci-fi / free noise, featuring
GRAHAM DUNNING (turntable/objects), JO THOMAS (laptop/effects/mix), KEVIN QUIGLEY (guitar/effects), CHRISTOS FANARAS (analog keyboard/effects), COLIN WEBSTER (baritone saxophone), DAVID O’CONNOR (baritone saxophone)


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