Asteroid live at The Courtyard Theatre

On 30th July 2011, Asteroid play at The Bang Bang Caravel, at the Courtyard Theatre in London. More info on the event here.

Part of the Courtyard Theatre’s Pre-Edinburgh Festival programme, we are very proud to present The Bang Bang Caravel: a decadence of live music, short film, theatre installation, performance, 3 dimensional projections, DJs, canapés and dancing. All to raise money for the save the Forest Café campaign.


CHRISTOS FANARAS (analog keys)
JO THOMAS (electronics / laptop)
KEVIN QUIGLEY (guitar / effects)
OLI DON (electronics/samples)


Video: Asteroid live at A Music Club

Footage of asteroid playing live at A Music Club, The Finsbury, Manor House, London on 2nd July 2011.

Performers were: CHRISTOS FANARAS (analogue keys), GRAHAM DUNNING (drums), FAROOQ JANJUA (guitar), MARK WAGNER (guitar), COLIN WEBSTER (saxaphone).

Asteroid Live in Manor House

On Saturday 2nd July Asteroid play at A Music Club, at The Finsbury in Manor House.
The event is free and runs from 9pm till late.

CHRISTOS FANARAS (analogue keys)
MARK WAGNER (guitar)
COLIN WEBSTER (saxaphone)

Also performing are Justin Paton, Man From Uranus and Jellica playing improvised rhythmical electronics; Circuit Breaker playing minimal broken punk; and DJs Marcello Madrid and Uberstomph.

Images: Asteroid live at Transient Constellations


Asteroid perform at Transient Constellations

Asteroid perform on Thursday 16th June 2011 at The Others in Stoke Newington for Transient Constellations.

The line up is:
JO THOMAS / laptop / electronics / effects
MARK WAGNER / guitar / effects
KEVIN QUIGLEY / synth / percussive guitar / effects
GRAHAM DUNNING / turntables / objects / electronics
NABIL AHMED / bass / effects

The event takes place at The Others in Stoke Newington, London.

Asteroid play in support of Anthony Donovan & Clive Graham (electroacoustic improv from members of Vultures & Morphogenesis). Also playing are psychedelic / drone / noise / shoegaze group, Brideburger.

Asteroid live: Tribute to Kurt Vonnegut – Cafe Oto

Monday 11th April sees the first performance from new improv group, Asteroid.  The event takes place at Cafe Oto, doors 8pm. Tickets £8 / £6.


Transient Constellations presents: So It Goes (A Tribute To Kurt Vonnegut), featuring original work inspired by the writing and ideas of the author of Slaughterhouse-Five, Cats Cradle, Player Piano, Welcome To The Monkeyhouse and Timequake, among others. 


Named after an asteroid which circles around between mars and jupiter as part of the ‘astroid belt’ – the  experimental musical assemble ASTEROID 25399 VONNEGUT will respond to cut-up paragraphs taken from Kurt Vonnegut’s time slipping novel ‘SLAUGHTER HOUSE FIVE’. We will be performing TWO 15 minutes pieces of improvisation –  comprising for sonic-flying sci-fi sounds/ dresden-ed instrumentation/ UFO found objects/spoken solar communing-words – ‘coming together to offer a ”hapless destruction of the universe”

ROBERTO CRIPPA (electronics/percussion/radiation hiss)
KEVIN QUIGLEY (guitar/percussion/effects/atom/alarm clocks)
POL MCCLERON (musical aw/alien soundtracks)
JO THOMAS (labtop/effects/electronics/antenna dialogue)
OLLIE DON (samples/electronics/effects/martian speak)
JACK ALETT (gutiar/electronics/effects/solar bursts)